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Medical referral Sint Maarten - English

Leaflet | 13-11-2017

Becoming Dutch (Hoe kunt u Nederlander worden)

Leaflet | 08-11-2017

What if my application is incomplete?

Procedure for incomplete applications: You will be informed about the missing documents or data when submitting an application at ...

Frequently asked questions

I'm Dutch, why do I need all these documents?

Dutch citizens, not island children therefore, are subject to the provisions of the Wet Toelating en Uitzetting BES. Applications ...

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t the permits be in English?

The law and official language of the Rijksdienst is Dutch. Because the islands are trilingual, we are working hard to make the ...

Frequently asked questions

May I work before I have my work permit?

According to the Wet Arbeid vreemdelingen BES, a person of foreign nationality cannot work as long as the employer has no work ...

Frequently asked questions

What is the next step once I have my residence permit?

When you have your permit, you can contact the Civil Affairs department for registration and your ID card (Sedula). Once you have ...

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to hand in all these documents?

All requested documents are required to review your application against the legal requirements and conditions. With each ...

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to make an appointment to submit an application?

On Bonaire you do not have to make an appointment to submit an application. However, you should make one at our offices in Saba ...

Frequently asked questions

Will I get my money back if an application is rejected?

No fees will be refunded in case of rejection because we have reviewed the application against all legal conditions and ...

Frequently asked questions