Application for residence permit other nationalities

Aliens wishing to work on Bonaire, St. Eustatius or Saba or who wish to stay on one of the islands for more than three months need a residence permit. The steps you follow for this depend on your nationality. Read more here below.

Individuals with citizenship of EU Member States, Member States of the EEA (European Economic Area), Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Vatican City, United States, South Korea or Switzerland

Do you have any of the above nationalities? Then you can enter Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba immediately. Once you are on the islands, you submit an application for a residence permit.

This residence permit is valid for a certain period of time (usually one year). For five years you must renew this temporary residence permit.

If you have had a continuous stay for five years or more in the Caribbean Netherlands, you may, under certain conditions, apply for a residence permit for an indefinite period.

Individuals with citizenship of countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South and Central America and the Caribbean area

If you have one of the above nationalities, you must apply for an authorisation for a temporary stay (MVV). The MVV is a type of entry visa.

If your MVV application is approved, you must apply for a residence permit for the residence purpose for which the MVV has been issued.

If I wish to come here for an internship?

Other nationalities 
Do you have a different nationality (not Dutch or American)? Then a different procedure applies to you. In order to be able to do an internship on the BES islands, your internship organization must first apply for a work permit and a residence permit for you. The term of validity of the work permit and residence permit for interns is for a maximum of one year.

Means of existence
You must have an income of at least 50% of the gross minimum wage. The gross minimum wage differs per island and is determined on an annual basis by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.
Your monthly income can also consist of an internship allowance, study grant or a combination of an internship allowance and study grant. If your internship organization refunds your board and lodging this can also be included. The condition is that the above-mentioned amounts equal a total of at least 50% of the minimum wage.