Fixed term residence permit with MVV

Who is this form for?

Persons who have come to the Public Entities with valid authorisation for a temporary stay (MVV) and who want to stay here for the same residence purpose as for which they have been granted the MVV. If the residence purpose is the same, but there is a change in your personal situation or your reference’s (the sponsor’s) situation, you will need to enclose copies of documents that show what has changed. 

Why this form?

This form allows you to apply for a fixed term residence permit at the Public Entities.

What documents should I enclose?

Depending on the purpose for which your permit is requested, documents must be submitted and forms filled out. These are listed on the document list on the application form. 

Where do I submit my form?

If your MVV application is approved, you must enter Bonaire, St. Eustatius or Saba within three months of receipt of your MVV. Within three days of entry, you must apply at one of the IND-Caribbean Netherlands offices for a residence permit for the residence purpose for which the MVV has been issued. For the contact details and opening hours of all IND offices see the contact page.

What happens to my application?

If you have submitted your application in person to one of the offices of the IND-unit Caribbean Netherlands and your application is complete, your application will be processed. If your application is not complete, it cannot be reviewed. You will receive written notice once your application has been decided on. 

What if my application has been approved? 

If your application has been approved, you must register with Civil Affairs in the municipal database. This is mandatory. Once you have registered, an identity document (sedula) is made for you at Civil Affairs. You will need to take the following original documents along (no copies):

  • The decision of the IND (showing that you have been granted a residence permit)
  • A passport
  • Birth Certificate (no older than 12 months)
  • Marriage Certificate (no older than six months and if applicable)
  • Divorce Decree (no older than six months and if applicable)
  • Declaration of civil status (no older than six months and if not previously married)
  • A relocation report/report of deregistration (no more than three months old, and only when coming from the Kingdom!)

Click here for more information about Civil Affairs.

Please note!

If your application is approved, you will receive a fixed term residence permit. If you want to stay longer, renew your residence permit in good time.