Guardianship council

When a child is at risk of serious problems, then the Guardianship Council Caribbean Netherlands helps to find the best solution together with the child and the parents. Sometimes, court action may be taken, although only once all other opportunities to find a solution have been exhausted and this is always done with the child's best interests at heart. Such court action may be the result of independent advice to the court from the Guardianship Council, among other factors.

The Guardianship Council's mission is to defend the rights of minors whose development is under threat. It also provides independent advice on such matters. The Guardianship Council combines knowledge of educational theory, juvenile law (both civil and criminal), foster care and adoption.

If an intervention within a family is necessary, then the Guardianship Council will ensure this is done in an extremely careful, sensitive and transparent manner. The Guardianship Council provides assistance with one clear goal in mind: providing the best possible advice for every child at the right time.

The Guardianship Council is an executive organisation that conducts its duties by order of the Ministry of Justice and Security.