About the Guardianship Council

Children have the right to healthy and stable development. This is stated in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Parents are responsible for ensuring this healthy and stable development for their children, for which purpose they are entitled to education, healthcare and support services. Sometimes the problems at home are so serious that the parents are unable to find a solution themselves, even with assistance from family, friends, neighbours and/or voluntary support workers. If major concerns remain concerning the child's safe and healthy development, then care providers or judicial institutions may report these concerns to the Guardianship Council.

In such cases, the Guardianship Council will conduct an investigation to determine whether measures or interventions are necessary. The Guardianship Council takes such decisions with extreme care. If the child requires protection, then the Guardianship Council will submit a request for protection to the court. The Guardianship Council can also provide advice to the court.   

Parents can also consult the Guardianship Council to request custody, guardianship and/or advice regarding child support.