Child support

Parents of children up to the age of 21 are jointly responsible for the costs of caring for and raising children. This also applies after a divorce. When parents separate, they must make agreements on the financial contribution to the costs of the living expenses of the children. This financial contribution is called child support.

Former partners often make agreements on child support. However, if parents cannot agree on a child support arrangement, the court can decide the amount. In this case, the Guardianship Council CN will calculate the amount and submit an application to the court on behalf of one or both parent(s). The Guardianship Council calculates what is necessary for the living expenses of the child(ren) and how much both parents can afford. Based on this calculation, the most suitable and realistic child alimony amount will be recommended to the court. Ultimately, the court will decide whether child support will be granted and what the amount will be.

Once the court has made a decision, one of the parents will be required to pay an amount for the children to the other parent. The amount can only change if one of the parents requests this. In this case, the Guardianship Council will make a new calculation and the court will make a new decision on the child support.

Step by step

What happens if an application for child support is submitted?