Authority for Digital Infrastructure

The Authority for Digital Infrastucture (RDI) is the telecommunication executor and regulator for Bonaire, Sint-Eustatius and Saba. You can contact us for further information about which radio equipment you can use, authorisations for frequency use, radio operator exams, importing radio equipment (customs) and interference in or by radio equipment.

The Bonaire office of the RDI manages the radio frequency spectrum for all three islands, by assigning radio frequencies, and monitoring and performing inspections. You can visit our office for matters including:

  • Authorisation for using frequencies;
  • Sitting a radio operator exam;
  • Information about which radio equipment you can and cannot use without authorisation;
  • Information about importing radio equipment (customs);
  • Complaints about interference in or by radio equipment;
  • Other questions about telecommunication, equipment, allowances and legislation.

The RDI monitors the technical requirements associated with using frequencies. For issues concerning consumer protection, competition relating to telecom providers, and the issue of numbers and number ranges, please contact the Authority for Consumers and Markets.