Supervision Order

Is your child’s development being jeopardised? Then the court can order mandatory assistance. This is called a Supervision Order. The court receives advice on these matters from the Guardianship Council.

Has a child been placed under supervision? Then a Youth Care professional will develop a plan of action together with the family. This plan describes what needs to happen in order to solve the problem(s). The Youth Care professional will be involved in raising the child. The parents will then make all the important decisions concerning the child in collaboration with the Youth Care professional. The Youth Care professional will always consult their team and make decisions in consultation with the team coordinator and the behavioural scientist.

Youth Care will always focus on the family's strength and on the family's network, i.e. people who gladly offer the family their help. These people include, for instance, relatives, friends and/or neighbours.

Sometimes it is decided that the child must temporarily live somewhere else. In that case, the parent(s) will receive support from Youth Care, who will also help the temporary foster parent. It will always consider what is required for the child to be able to return home.

A Supervision Order lasts for a maximum of one year. Sometimes the order needs to be extended. This is decided by the court. A Supervision Order ends automatically when a child turns 18.