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Public Prosecutor’s Office and SZW act against misuse of corona support

The Social Affairs and Employment Department (SZW) in the Caribbean Netherlands is investigating misuse of the support related to ...

News item | 22-02-2021 | 20:55

Extension of protective measures pregnant employees

In the Caribbean Netherlands, all employees are entitled to 16 weeks pregnancy and maternity leave. The employer must continue to ...

News item | 11-02-2021 | 16:47

Free workshops 'safe and healthy working with asbestos'

Regulations for working with asbestos and products containing asbestos have been laid down in the "Occupational Safety Decree IV ...

News item | 05-11-2020 | 16:33

Emergency regulation SZW enters third phase

The support for wage costs for employers, independent entrepreneurs and former employees will be extended again. The third phase ...

News item | 09-10-2020 | 18:15

Entrepreneurs to receive support from EZK again

Entrepreneurs who are faced with a loss of revenue due to the corona crisis and as a result have more difficulty covering their ...

News item | 10-08-2020 | 00:00

New exceptions on conditions SZW emergency regulation

After a period of shutdown and closure of many companies, we have now entered a new phase. More and more companies are slowly ...

News item | 24-07-2020 | 22:05

Childcare Island Ordinance and subsidy scheme in force

Effective from July 15th the Childcare Island Ordinance is in force on Bonaire, with quality criteria for childcare ...

News item | 17-07-2020 | 00:00

SZW already paid out 1000 requests for emergency regulation

Since the emergency regulation of SZW came into effect at the beginning of this month, requests have been received for more than ...

News item | 15-04-2020 | 14:52

Exceptions possible on the conditions of the SZW emergency regulation

Since last Tuesday, applications can be made to the RCN-unit of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) for an emergency regulation ...

News item | 03-04-2020 | 21:02

Emergency regulation of SZW launches today

The consequences of the measures in connection with the coronavirus are profound for many companies. The RCN unit of Social ...

News item | 31-03-2020 | 14:49