Extension of repayment period

If you cannot repay your loan at once and the monthly amount of the payment plan is too high then you can submit an application to extend your repayment period. Extending the period will lower your monthly amount.

Up to 10 years

The duration of the period for which you can receive a payment plan depends on the amount of your student debt. See for more information Payment plan. If your repayment period is less than ten years then you can extend this to a maximum of ten years. 

Please note! If you allow the repayment period to be extended, the interest will be calculated over a longer period. This ultimately makes the total amount of your student debt higher.
If your repayment period has been set at ten years then it is not possible to extend this period even further.

Apply for an extension

To be eligible for renewal of the repayment period, you must submit an application with this form.