Mandatory Parenting Assistance

In the case of mandatory parenting help, a Youth Care professional will assess, together with the family, what is best for the child and how long assistance is required. Sometimes specialist assistance is required, which is then provided by Youth Care.

Sometimes the situation at home is too unsafe for the child or the child cannot thrive due to the problems. In this case, the family may need a time-out. A child will then temporarily go to a safe place, so peace and quiet can be restored. Youth Care will assess the best way to achieve this, together with the family. If the situation is unsafe, the Youth Care professional will reach agreements with the parent(s) in regards to safety.

Is the child’s development being jeopardised? Then the court can order mandatory assistance. This is called a Supervision Order. A child will sometimes temporarily live somewhere else. The family will receive assistance from Youth Car. More information on foster care.