Personalised parenting assistance

Every child deserves to grow up in a safe environment. However, raising children can be very challenging. Sometimes it doesn't work out and problems arise , which prevent a child from developing properly. Youth Care provides support to help you deal with these problems. Together, we decide the best way of supporting the family.

We draw on the strength of the family and those around them, such as relatives or friends. People whom the parent and child trust and who want to help the family. Youth Care draws up a plan together with the family and takes action where necessary.

How can Youth Care help?

  • If there are serious parenting issues;
  • If a parent or child has behavioural problems;
  • If a parent is affected by stress, overwork or poverty;
  • If parent(s) have relationship issues or break up;
  • If there are alcohol or drug problems in the family involving either the parent(s) or the child.

Youth Care professionals

If a child has problems, Youth Care can put you in contact with a Youth Care professional. This is someone with a great deal of experience in supporting families. The Youth Care professional helps families with complex problems, so that the child can grow up in a safe environment. The Youth Care professional ensures that everyone sticks to the agreements that were made. For each family, we always work with a single plan and a single Youth Care professional. This means we provide personalised care.

Asking for help

It is sometimes difficult to estimate whether help is needed. Asking someone else for help also takes courage. Are you in doubt? Don't wait too long: contact Youth Care as soon as possible. Youth Care will prepare a plan together with you and your family. We will work together to accomplish the best solution.

Seek help immediately if someone in your family is:

  • A victim of domestic violence;
  • Abused;
  • Neglected;
  • Sexually abused.

“I can see that my 15-year-old daughter isn't doing well. There are a lot of problems in our family. As a result, she has withdrawn herself into her own ‘shell’. I want to help her, but I don't know how. I need help."