Insured persons

Do you meet one of the requirements listed below? Then you are entitled to BES Healthcare Insurance (in Dutch: Zorgverzekering BES). For more information on the registration procedure click here.

  1. Residence: A resident of the BES islands is covered unless article 4, paragraph 2, of the Besluit Zorgverzekering BES (BES Healthcare Insurance Decree) applies.
  2. Employment contract: you do not live in the BES islands but you do have an employment contract there (either public or private). You will pay taxes on wages from this employment in the BES islands.
  3. Residence permit or Declaration of Admittance by Law: you have a temporary regular residence permit, a permanent residence permit or a Declaration of Admittance by Law (in Dutch: Verklaring van Rechtswege).
  4. Application for extension of residence permit: you have submitted an application for extension of your temporary regular residence permit, or for conversion into a permanent residence permit in time. In that case you remain covered until this application has been decided upon.
  5. Departure for purpose of study: you reside in the BES islands and you leave the territory for purpose of study. You will remain covered during your studies. Please click here for more information.
  6. Expatriation to the Netherlands: you are a civil servant working for the Public Entity Bonaire, St. Eustatius or Saba and you are expatriated to work in the Netherlands. Your spouse and family members living with you are also covered. Please note: if you go and do other work in the Netherlands or you receive a benefit, the cover will lapse. Your spouse and family members living with you are not covered if they work or receive a benefit in the Netherlands.

Special groups of insured persons

  1. Children: a child under the age of 12 does not have a sedula yet but is covered nevertheless. The parents must show their sedula at the ZJCN and at healthcare providers.
  2. Travellers: Please note: Care abroad is only covered if the care cannot be postponed until after your return. The reimbursement of expenses relating to healthcare received abroad in principle does not exceed the reimbursement in the BES territory. The ZJCN therefore always advises to take out travel insurance. Prior to your departure abroad you can request the ZJCN for proof of registration, which includes an explanation of what you should do in case of medical emergencies abroad.