I have had an industrial accident

If you are in paid employment and have had an industrial accident, you will be entitled to the continued payment of your wages. During the first year that you are unable to work, this payment will be equivalent to 100% of your daily wage. If you cannot work for more than a year, you will receive 80% of your daily wage. Your employer is obliged to pay you this.

Notification of absenteeism

The absenteeism notification process changed on the 1st of July 2021. You no longer need to report absenteeism to your GP (Bonaire) or occupational health nurse (St Eustatius and Saba). Your employer will directly inform the SZW unit of RCN that you cannot work via a digital portal.

You will receive a telephone call from the insurance doctor within two working days. It is therefore important that you can be contacted by telephone. If the insurance doctor thinks it is necessary, you will have to undergo an assessment.

Continued pay in the event of an industrial accident

During the first year that you are unable to work as a consequence of an industrial accident, you are entitled to continued payment of your entire daily wage.

Your employment contract contains arrangements regarding the continued payment of wages in the event of illness and accidents. If you cannot work due to an industrial accident, your employer is obliged to comply with these arrangements and continue paying your wages on the usual date.

During the first year the amount you receive must, in any event, be 100% of your daily wage. After that the amount must, in any event, be 80% of your daily wage (see maximum daily wage).

When your contract ends, your employer will no longer be obliged to continue paying you. If you have a permanent contract, your employer is allowed to terminate the employment contract two years after your absenteeism due to the industrial accident.

If you need more information about your personal situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.