More people are eligible for special social relief

The income threshold for receiving special social relief has been increased to 120% of the statutory minimum wage from 1 January 2019.

Dollars in hand

The RCN unit Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) can help with special social relief if someone unexpectedly has to make a large and necessary expense and has no money to pay for it. For example, when a refrigerator or stove breaks down, or when someone expects a baby, but does not have money for the layette.

Residents of Bonaire with an income no higher than 1073 dollars per month can now qualify for special social relief. For residents of Sint Eustatius, there is now an income limit of $ 1344 per month and for Saba of $ 1292 per month.

Special assistance is always tailor-made. An employee of the RCN unit SZW assesses whether the applicant is eligible on the basis of an intake interview and a home visit. Special assistance is never paid in cash, but always in the form of goods or services.