Somebody who was receiving AOV has passed away

If somebody who was receiving AOV passed away, you must inform the SZW unit of this as soon as possible. The AOV is paid up to and including the last day of the month in which the person concerned has passed.

One-time payment

As a surviving dependent you can apply for a one-time payment up to 6 months following the date of passing. For this purpose you can go to the SZW unit. It is also possible to apply online. Download the one-time payment. Send the completed forms together with a scan of the required attachments to Click here to see which documents you must attach.


If your marriage partner is deceased and you have not yet reached AOV age, you can make a claim under the General Widows and Orphans Benefits Act (AWW).

For more information, see the official laws and regulations governing the General Law on Old Age Pension (AOV).