I no longer live in the Caribbean Netherlands

If you no longer live in the Caribbean Netherlands, you will be entitled to a General Old Age Pension (AOV) for the years you lived or worked in the Caribbean Netherlands. Whether you have to submit a life certificate [Attestatie de Vita] depends on where you currently live.

I live on Aruba or Sint Maarten

Since 1 November 2021 you are no longer obliged to submit a life certificate in order to receive your General Old Age Pension (AOV) from the Caribbean Netherlands. Your details will be obtained from the local population register. It is, therefore, important that your details in the register are complete and accurate.

I live in the European Netherlands, or somewhere else abroad

You must submit a life certificate twice a year to the RCN Unit for Social Affairs and Employment (RCN unit SZW).

You must do so in the following periods:

  • Between 1 May and 15 June
  • Between 1 November and 15 December


You can apply for your life certificate from an authorised organisation such as:

  • your municipality;
  • a civil-law notary;
  • a Dutch embassy;
  • a Dutch consulate;
  • the Social Insurance Bank [Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)].

You can use this letter to request your life certificate free of charge from an authorised organisation. The idea is that they complete and sign the enclosed form. If that is not possible, you can submit your own form containing, in any event, the same details as our form.

Late responses

If a life certificate is not received on time, the payment will be suspended. If the necessary document is submitted later, payments can be made retroactively for up to a maximum of two years.