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First Bonaire price comparator

The first Bonaire price comparator will be published on August 30th, 2018. With this price comparator consumers in Bonaire can ...

News item | 28-08-2018 | 16:53

Threatening strike Fundashon Mariadal in violation of the law

The head of the RCN unit SZW, Eric Brakke, has just forbidden the threatening strike at the Fundashon Mariadal, on behalf of the ...

News item | 27-08-2018 | 16:47

Information session for foster parents

On August 22nd Jeugdzorg en Gezinsvoogdij (JGCN) organized an information session for foster parents on Bonaire. The JGCN ...

News item | 24-08-2018 | 22:55

H. Francees leaves after 42 years of loyal service

Mr. Franciscus H. Francees, head of the prevention department, said goodbye to the Bonaire fire brigade after 42 years of loyal ...

News item | 08-08-2018 | 18:18

Eric Brakke new Head of SZW

As of July 30th 2018 Eric Brakke will be the new Head of the RCN-unit of Social Affairs and Employment.

News item | 27-07-2018 | 22:37

Consumer prices on Bonaire increase less rapidly

In Q2 2018, consumer prices on Bonaire were 3.0 percent higher than in the year-earlier period.

News item | 18-07-2018 | 17:35

Constructive meeting between ministers of Justice

Today, the Ministers of Justice Grapperhaus (The Netherlands), Bikker (Aruba), Girigorie (Curaçao) and De Weever (St. Maarten) ...

News item | 18-07-2018 | 00:30

More purchasing power for families with young children

The median purchasing power of the population in the Caribbean Netherlands increased once again in 2016. The population of Saba ...

News item | 16-07-2018 | 22:32

Health insurance office BES signs agreement with FKBO

The “Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning (Social Support Act, WMO) which is applicable in the European Netherlands, doesn’t exist ...

News item | 13-07-2018 | 18:08

Minister Grapperhaus visits Bonaire

Minister Grapperhaus  (Justice and Security) will visit Bonaire  on Monday July 16th and Tuesday 17th for the “Justitieel ...

News item | 13-07-2018 | 17:18