Netherlands Caribbean Correctional Institution

By order of the Minister of Justice and Security, the JICNB,  Netherlands Caribbean Correctional Institution [Justitiële Inrichting Caribisch Nederland ], located on Bonaire , ensures the  enforcement of custodial sentences and measures imposed by a court. 

The  Bonaire location is a house of detention as well a prison for Bonaire, Saint-Eustatius and Saba. It can hold up to 113 men, women, foreign nationals and youths.   

Since 10 October 2010, the  JICNB has been under the control of the DJI (Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency).  

The core task of the JICNB is to securely contain prisoners, restore the rule of law, prevent recidivism (repeated crime) and offer prospects to prisoners.

JICNB works closely together with various chain partners  like the police, Public Prosecutor’s Office, probation service, Forma  and care organisations (including addiction care) to make sure that the number  of repeat offenders decreases. That is why  during the detention, JICNB, along with the chain partners, already starts preparing for  post-detention support and reintegration.  By preparing a detainee well for his/her return to the community,  together we will achieve our common goal more often: less recidivism, a safer society.