Visiting rules

Under BES legislation, a prisoner is entitled to 45 minutes of visits every two weeks. Young prisoners age 18 or younger are entitled to a daily 45 minute visit by parents, guardian or counsellors/carers. The visiting times differ per section. No more than three persons per prisoner are allowed in the visiting room at the same time.

Obligation to provide proof of identity

In order to be able to enter the facility, also for the delivery of goods, visitors aged 12 and over are subject to an identification requirement. Visitors can only identify themselves by a valid passport, a valid sedula (identity card), a valid Dutch driving licence or a valid aliens document (residence document).
If your visitor does not have one of the above mentioned documents, he/she will not be admitted to the penal institution.

  • Children under the age of 14 may only visit the penal institution if they accompanied by an adult. They do not have to have their own proof of identity. 
  • Children age 14 and older may visit the prison on their own but  must always have their own proof of identity, even if they are accompanied by an adult. 

Admission and monitoring 

  • Visitors are expected to be present 20 minutes prior to start of the visiting time. Visitors are not allowed to bring  anything into the institution. Any items must be stored in the lockers near the entrance. 
  • For your and our safety, the visit is monitored. This monitoring means that you have to pass through the security gate ‘alarm-free’ and that all the things that you have with you (and that are allowed to be taken in) must go through an X-ray machine.  If you aren’t able to get through the detection gate ‘alarm free’, then you won’t be allowed in.
  • Visitors can be frisked or checked by a sniffer dog for drugs. If you don’t cooperate with  this, you won’t be allowed in. 
  • In the event possession of smuggled goods is discovered or strongly suspected, visitors are not allowed into the institution.  Entry to the institution can be denied for a prolonged  period  of time.

Attire and behaviour

  • Visitors must behave  properly and are not allowed to behave  in an offensive, unruly or disruptive manner. You must always dress neatly when you visit the penal institution. This means that miniskirts, shorts, low-cut dresses or tops, sleeveless shirts, hot pants, tank tops and head coverings are forbidden. The security officer will not let you in if  you are improperly dressed.
  • Apart from a brief greeting and a brief farewell, further physical contact is not permitted. You must follow all instructions from the staff.  In the event of any violation, the visit can be refused or ended prematurely. You can also be refused  entrance to the institution. 

Taking in and taking out goods/items

If  you want to bring goods/items to the prisoner, then you must inform him/her beforehand. The prisoner must personally report  what is being brought along  for him/her. Non-reported goods/items may not go inside. Taking in and taking out good/items is done on the regular visiting day with exception of the weekend. Checking in and checking out goods/items brought along takes time. Therefore come ahead of time or reserve enough  time afterwards.