Campaign: It doesn't stop by itself. Reach out!

In order to put a stop to problem situations, help is essential. It can be offered through the various aid agencies, but also via the social network or on the victim's own initiative.

If sufficient tools are offered, many people are quite capable of reorganizing their lives and thus breaking the cycle of problems. A person who reaches out can sometimes be that little push that someone needs.


Approximately 80% negligence, 20% physical violence

The idea behind the campaign

With an intensive campaign, the Ministries of Justice and Security  and of Health, Welfare and Sport draw attention to situations such as neglect, unhealthy relationships and physical and mental violence. In fact, it concerns violence in all kinds of relationships. We often think of the parent-child relationship, but there are many more forms, such as violence towards or neglect of the elderly, violence via social media, violence of a woman against a man; however, there’s also neglect that results from people living under difficult circumstances.

In this campaign we’ll focus the attention on all kinds of problems. Sometimes it will concern situations where you don’t immediately think of violence. It happens that people who are stuck in a certain situation eventually slip into violence, for example in the form of neglect. Also, people may never have learned to look differently at themselves or at the upbringing that they have had, which causes them to fall into the same trap.

We’ll delve deeper into these situations in various monthly topics. Through these themes we want to stimulate people to think. We start our campaign around neglect and violence with a recognizable situation and ask the question:

“What could you do differently?” But also “Who could you ask for help?”

  • Het stopt niet vanzelf. Zoek contact!

    A lack of attention is also a form of neglect

  • Unintentional neglect due to stress

  • Abuse