Start-up allowance

The start-up allowance is intended to pay for your crossing, equipment, set up and bridging in the European Netherlands. There are conditions regarding your age, your education and your nationality and place of residence.

  • Age: you are younger than 30. In addition, for MBO, you must be 18 years of age or older
  • Education: you will be doing full-time MBO level 3 or 4, HBO or university in the European Netherlands
  • Nationality and place of residence: You now live in the Dutch Caribbean and you have Dutch nationality. If you do not have Dutch nationality then you must have lived in the Dutch Caribbean for at least ten years to qualify.

Performance-related grant and loan

The start-up allowance consists of a performance-related grant. In addition, you can borrow some of it. The performance-related grant is paid out as a provisional loan including interest. If you obtain your diploma within the diploma term of 10 years, the performance-related grant including interest will be converted into a gift. If you borrow money in addition to the performance-related grant then you always have to pay this back with interest.