Start-up Allowance and guidance for students who are going to study in the Netherlands

Young people from Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba who are going to study in the European Netherlands upcoming school year, can count on a Start-up Allowance and free guidance in the first year of study.

OCW Opstarttoelage

The Start-up Allowance consists of a one time performance allowance of $2,761.72 and a loan of up to $ 5,523.44 and is intended to help pay for, for example, to pay for the crossing, bridging, room furnishings, winter clothing and a bicycle.

Students can receive free guidance in the first year through RCN Study Financing. This guidance consists of, among other things, arranging a group flight to the Netherlands, reception at Schiphol and additional package insurance so that the student is insured in the Netherlands. In addition, students from the Caribbean Netherlands receive guidance from a mentor throughout the first year. A mentor helps, in addition to offering a listening ear, with registering with the municipality, applying for a Citizen Service Number and opening a bank account, amongst others. The mentor also keeps an eye on things.In addition to the guidance service, students can also use the housing service. This means that the supervisor makes every effort to find suitable accommodation for the student in the Netherlands, , where housing is currently very scarce.

Register before April 1st.

The Start-up Allowance applies to students, who  for the first time, are going to follow  a full-time course at MBO level 3 or 4, HBO or at the university in the European part of the Netherlands. A student can apply for a Start-up Allowance, when he/she is eligable for Study Financing. The application for the Start-up Allowance must be made before the student starts the training. The application for guidance must be received before April 1st. The student can use the form on the website of RCN Study Financing to apply.