ART training for children

Aggression Replacement Training (ART) is a programme designed for children with aggression issues and children who have difficulty controlling their emotions. ART teaches your child how to react in a different manner when they get angry, or when someone challenges them. In this way, the child learns to stay calm and control their impulses.

ART-training is suitable for:
•    Children with mental health problems that cause them to react aggressively or frequently angry;
•    Children experiencing problems at school or when playing with other children as a result of their aggression;
•    Children who often suffer from moments of rage at home, which makes parenting difficult;
•    Children who have been in contact with the police or courts due to violence.

ART-training teaches children to transform their aggression into helpful behaviour. They also learn social skills. This helps the child to feel better about themselves, which means problem reduction.