Medical referral during pregnancy

Medically necessary off-island transport for prenatal diagnosis and births is reimbursed. In some cases, you are entitled to guidance.

Before delivery

If there are no prenatal diagnostics options on your home island, you will be sent on a medical referral. This is generally the case for a necessary ultrasound. You are not automatically entitled to companionship for these checkups. In case of a GUO (Advanced Ultrasound Examination) ZJCN will reimburse a companionship.


According to the BES Healthcare Insurance Claims Regulations, there is no entitlement to companionship in case of a medical referral for a birth. However, due to the social impact of childbirth, ZJCN will pay for the flight of one companion. The companion will stay with you in the same room. If you need to be admitted, the companion can continue to use the room. The companion is not entitled to a daily allowance.

Emergency referral

In case of an emergency referral, you will be transported by air ambulance or medivac chopper. In addition to the medical supervisor who is always onboard, you are entitled to one companion. This individual is entitled to flights, accommodation and a daily allowance for up to 10 days after the birth. If a companion wants to stay longer, the costs of changing the return flight is for own account.

Would you like to deliver your baby on another island?

This is not a medical necessity. This means you are not entitled to off-island transport. However, you can appeal to Article 10, paragraph 4 of the BES Healthcare Insurance Decree. If ZJCN consents, you can receive a full or partial reimbursement of the costs incurred for this medical care after the fact. Any costs for your travel and accommodation abroad is for your own account. You are not entitled to guidance.

Flying during pregnancy

In general there are no restrictions to fly until the 32nd week of pregnancy (28th week in case of a multiple birth). Airlines then request a 'fit-to-fly statement' from your doctor. After the 35th week, airlines usually no longer give permission to fly. Always consult with the airline and your doctor prior to flying.