Filing an objection

You disagree with a decision? Then you may file an objection with the RCN SZW unit. You should do this in writing and within a given time limit. Filing an objection is free of charge. 

When can I file an objection?

You can file an objection with the RCN SZW unit when you disagree with a decision regarding:

  • Work permits 
  • Loss of earnings
  • Social relief
  • General Old Age Pension (Algemene Ouderdomsvoorziening, AOV)
  • Widow and Orphans Act General Insurance BES (Algemene weduwen- en wezenwet, AWW)
  • Child benefit

If the objection concerns a work permit, the RCN SZW unit should have received your objection within four weeks after the decision. Other objections should have been received within six weeks after the decision. If you file your objection after the given time limit, it will not be processed. 

How do I file an objection?

You can only file an objection in writing. The notice of objection may be filed in Dutch, Papiamentu or English and should include the following elements:

  • Your name and address
  • A description of the decision to which you are filing an objection
  • The reason why you disagree with the decision 
  • The date and your signature
  • In order to ensure swift processing, please also attach a copy of the decision to which you are filing an objection

You may submit your objection to the local office of the RCN SZW unit, by e-mail or send it by post for the attention of the head of the RCN SZW unit. We have a preference for e-mail. 



SZW head office
Centrumgebied z/n
Kralendijk, Bonaire

What happens to my objection?

Your objection will be processed by the legal officer within the RCN SZW unit. Within several days after filing you complaint, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail or by post. This acknowledgement will include an invitation to provide a verbal explanation of your objection, this is called “hearing”. The invitation will state when the hearing will take place and when you can inspect your file. You are entitled to a one-time copy of your objection file free of charge.
After the hearing, your file will be re-examined fully. You can read about these re-examinations in the decision on your objection. You will receive this decision no later than four months after the date on which your objection was filed. You will be notified if a longer period of time is required to reach a correct assessment. The RCN SZW unit may extend the period of four months once by a period of thirty days.

Do objections have a suspensory effect?

Filing a notice of objection does not have a suspensory effect. This means that the decision to which you are objecting will remain in force until another decision is issued. Do you want to suspend the decision? In that case you may submit a request to the Court in First Instance of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. This is called a request for a provisional ruling, which involves court fees. 

Did you file an objection to the rejection of your application for a work permit? 
Then you should take account of the fact that pending the decision on your objection, you are not permitted to have the foreign worker perform work (Article 2 of the Wet arbeid vreemdelingen BES (BES Labour Law Foreigners)). The former decision will remain in force until a new decision has been made. 

What can I do if I disagree with the decision on an objection?

If you disagree with the decision, you may lodge an appeal with the Court in First Instance of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, which involves costs. For more information about this, please visit the website The Joint Court of Justice, (section  Court in First Instance.)