De Nederlandsche Bank

De Nederlandsche Bank [the Dutch Central Bank, hereinafter DNB] seeks to safeguard financial stability and thus contributes to sustainable prosperity in the Netherlands.

As an independent central bank, supervisory authority and resolution authority, DNB joins forces with its European partners to ensure:

  • price stability and a balanced macroeconomic development in Europe
  • a financial system which is resilient to shocks and a secure, reliable and efficient payment system; and
  • sound financial institutions of unimpeachable integrity which meet their obligations and commitments.

By providing independent economic advice, DNB strengthens policy aimed at its primary targets.

In the Caribbean Netherlands DNB is responsible for the payment system and the supervision of financial institutions.

DNB puts US banknotes and coins into circulation and monitors the quality thereof for the purpose of a properly functioning payment system. In addition DNB is committed to ensuring efficient payment transfers by promoting electronic payments and dissuading the use of cheques.

DNB supervises financial institutions in the Caribbean Netherlands. DNB does this in collaboration with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets and the Central Bank of CuraƧao and St. Maarten. There are two pillars to DNB's approach: prudential supervision and integrity supervision. Prudential supervision focuses on ensuring the soundness of financial enterprises and a stable financial system. Integrity supervision focuses on maintaining a clean and ethical financial sector by fighting financial crime, such as money laundering, fraud, corruption and non-compliance with sanctions legislation. It also includes supervising ethical corporate culture, licensing and assessing directors in terms of suitability and propriety.