Will you give a child a helping hand?

Care and Youth Caribbean Netherlands (ZJCN) is actively looking for people with a big heart to help children who lack an extensive support network with practical, logistical, temporary and long-term care needs. Throughout September, youth care professionals will be present at various locations every Saturday to give more information and recruit people who would like to become foster parents.

Bied jij een kind een helpende hand?

When is help needed?

Sometimes children would like to take part in a certain activity in the weekend but don’t have anyone in their social network to help them. We are looking for people who can offer various types of care, for example during the weekend or school holidays, or to provide long-term or crisis care.

The Youth Care department at ZJCN coordinates foster care in the Caribbean Netherlands and is responsible for making sure every child has a long-term secure care. This also means they should be able to grow up and develop in a safe and secure environment. ZJCN first investigates whether the child can receive the support they need within their own family network. However, some children do not have an extensive social support network. In such cases, ZJCN must broaden the search to include a wider society. Would you like to give a child a helping hand now and then?

Take action, give a child a helping hand!

Recruitment events where you can find out more will take place every weekend in September. The team will be present at Bonaire Superstore on Saturday the 2nd of September, at Van den Tweel on the 9th of September, at the Warehouse supermarket on the 16th of September, at Pietersz on the 23rd of September, and in Rincon at Nos Zjilea at Mangazina di Rei and Taste of Bonaire on Saturday the 30th of September. For more information send an email to: pleegzorg@jeugdzorgcn.com.