More play and meeting in New Amsterdam, Bonaire

There will be a new play and meeting place in Nieuw Amsterdam, Bonaire. On Friday, the 11th of March, Fundashon Cas Bonairiano, Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and Jantje Beton gave the starting signal to develop this new place together with the local residents. It is the first time that Jantje Beton will be developing a playground in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. As of spring 2023, this playground can be used by young and old.

Meer spelen en ontmoeten

It is more than necessary that a new, nice playground is created in the new housing estate Nieuw Amsterdam. Ben Oleana, Administrator of Fundashon Cas Bonairiano: "The idea for this place has been discussed for some time with Jantje Beton and the Ministry of VWS. At present, there is no place in Nieuw Amsterdam where all children can play carefree and local residents can meet each other. Children play in the street between the cars, which is dangerous and a nuisance.”

Car traffic, stray dogs and digital entertainment

During her visit to Bonaire, Miranda Verburg (Jantje Beton) saw from close up how the island struggles with, among other things, the health aspect: "The opportunities for playing and exercising in one's own environment are limited on Bonaire. While this is so important for a healthy development as a child. Both children and adults mention that the neighbourhood offers too few activities and too little play challenge. This makes it all the more attractive for children to play behind a screen at home out of boredom. Children also depend on their parents to get around in the neighbourhood. Car traffic and street dogs are an obstacle for children to play outside. That's why it's so important to create a sparkling play and meeting place where everyone can have fun and where sitting inside becomes less of a natural thing to do. We want nothing more than to put the wishes of the children and other residents first.”

Just the beginning

Enough reasons for Abigail Norville, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), to make her wish come true. So that in the coming years there will be many more places on Bonaire and the Dutch Caribbean where people can play and meet each other in a pleasant place: "We are very happy that this beautiful, new playground will be built on Bonaire. Together with other local parties, we are working hard to realise even more playgrounds in the Dutch Caribbean. But first we will work together in Nieuw Amsterdam!”