In 2024 a new learning path will be introduced in VMBO

In 2024, the new learning path will be introduced in the VMBO. The new learning path will merge the current Theoretical Learning Path (TL) and the Mixed Learning Path (GL). The new learning path will be more practical-oriented and will be offered in the third year of VMBO.

Nieuwe leerweg VMBO

The purpose of practical-oriented programs

From the third year onwards, all students in VMBO will receive a practical-oriented program, meaning that they work on real assignments from companies and organizations based in Bonaire or the European Netherlands. This way they get a clear picture of the real world, they discover what they enjoy and what they’re good at. Additionally, they develop skills that help them with their choice for further education.

Each school offers one or more practical-oriented programs. In such a program, students gain concrete experience in different fields of work. For example in healthcare or IT. Furthermore, thanks to the challenging assignments, they gain insight into where their passions and talents lie, and what the right further education is for them in MBO or HAVO. This new learning path combines thinking and doing and prepares students for the choice and transition to further education.

The SGB will soon start with a practical-oriented program and officially introduce the new learning path in the 2024-2025 school year, but will soon start a test project with coral reefs as the theme.


The new learning path will be officially introduced in the 2024-2025 school year after the pilots that have been going on since 2020 have been finalized. The official name of the new learning path will also be announced in that year. Do you want to know more? Then go to