DUO visit to Bonaire cancelled

The planned visit of the Education Executive Agency (DUO) to Bonaire is canceled due to the tightened corona measures on the island. In order to be of service to people, DUO offers online alternatives in the form of webinars and video calls.

DUO online voorlichting

DUO would open a temporary service office on Bonaire from November 29th  to December 10th  to talk to prospective students and former students. Information meetings for prospective students were also on the agenda. People with payment problems were also invited for a meeting for a tailor-made payment arrangement. DUO offers an online alternative for all activities.

Information via webinars

Monique Hoogerwerf, Caribbean coordinator at DUO: 'We are very sorry that the planned visit to Bonaire cannot take place. Fortunately, we can also help our customers online. Earlier this month, we held webinars for prospective students and repayers. These webinars can be viewed via the archive at duo.nl/webinar.'

Personal contact

"Our Caribbean team is digitally available for people with questions," says Hoogerwerf. Anyone who wants can chat with an employee at duo.nl/antillen or schedule an appointment for a personal video conversation. For example, we can help you with questions about applying for study financing, local repayment or a financial capacity measurement.'

DUO helps

Personal contact with DUO helps to prevent problems. Hoogerwerf: “We notice that one-on-one contact with a DUO employee can be a solution for people who have been dealing with a debt that they can no longer repay. In a personal conversation we can look for a tailor-made solution. Get in touch with us digitally. We can help you!”.

DUO implements laws and regulations for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the field of funding educational institutions, the provision of study financing and school costs allowance, the collection of student debts, and the management and exchange of data linked to the education number.