Emergency regulation SZW enters third phase

The support for wage costs for employers, independent entrepreneurs and former employees will be extended again. The third phase of the SZW emergency regulation will start on the 13th of October and will last nine months. The regulation has been adjusted on a few points. The aim of the regulation remains to support work and income, but it is also becoming more important that companies and employees adapt to the changing situation.

Eenmalig uitkering OCW

Just like in the first two phases, 80% of the wages will initially be subsidized in the extension. This percentage may be revised in January 2021. Eligibility conditions remain the same for employers and independent entrepreneurs. The conditions have been adjusted for former employees who have lost their jobs due to corona.

In the third phase former employees can only submit an application if the company for which they worked, makes use of the SZW emergency regulation. Only then it is likely that the job loss is the result of the corona crisis. Former employees can make use of the aid for a maximum of three months within the duration of the third phase. Finding other work is the starting point. If they are called upon to do so, they are obliged to participate in labor market mediation. Where other work is not possible, people may be eligible for social relief. Former employees who are currently already receiving aid from the emergency regulation will retain this until the 12th of January 2021 at the latest.

All target groups must make an effort to reduce the use of the regulation. The right to participate expires if the recipient stays outside the Caribbean Netherlands for more than a total of four weeks. The support will be paid retroactively with a maximum of four weeks. This means that the applicant will not receive refunds for periods that are more than four weeks in the past at the moment of application.

Employers, independent entrepreneurs and former employees who are already covered by the regulation, do not have to do anything for an extension. Changes must be reported via a mutation form. A new application can be made via www.rijksdienstcn.com/covid-19 under 'Emergency package government'. Entrepreneurs on Bonaire can contact the Chamber of Commerce for questions and advice via steunloket@kvkbonaire.com.