Measures against corona crisis extra tough on vulnerable children

Vulnerable children have a particularly hard time during the corona crisis and the measures regarding ‘social distancing’.  There is a risk that they will have to deal with more domestic violence and child abuse. That is why Jeugdzorg en Gezinsvoogdij CN (JGCN) calls on everyone to help keep an eye on the group of vulnerable children.

kwetsbare kinderen

Schools, childcare and sports clubs have been closed since March 19th. For children with an unsafe home situation, these places are very important. These are 'safe' places, where children can be carefree for a while and get away from the tension at home. Now that these places are closed temporarily, we are losing sight of these vulnerable children. Together we can prevent this from happening.

This is a very rough time for vulnerable children, who already experience violence in their 'normal' home situation. There is a good chance that the corona related measures will cause additional stress in their families and increase the risk of domestic violence and child abuse.

JGCN calls on everyone to help keep an eye on vulnerable children.

What you can do

  • Keep an eye on vulnerable children and families in your area.
  • Offer help by phone and/or send a message via WhatsApp.
  • Show interest and ask people in your area if they need support.

With your support you may help reduce the risk of domestic violence and child abuse.

When to contact JGCN

Are you worried about a child in your neighborhood or does it become unsafe within your own family? Call or email JGCN, we are committed to provide the right help.

T+(599)715 7201 

T + (599)790 0479 

Sint. Eustatius:
T +(599)318 3104/3105 

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