Care for children in unsafe home situations

Approximately 80 vulnerable children currently live in an unsafe home situation due to the corona crisis. These children are cared for in an emergency childcare facility, so that both the parents and children are relieved of their daily worries during the daytime. The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), the State and local NGOs join forces to support families with children during these difficult times.

Kinderen thuis

Partly because of socio-economic consequences of the corona crisis in combination with the ‘social distancing’ measures, stress is increasing in many families. Families are faced with loss of income or extra pressure because they have to combine work with children at home. Adults and children alike miss their social contacts and leisure opportunities in the outside world. They are dependent on each other as a family. All of this can result in additional tensions, irritations and escalations within families.

Vulnerable children and families

Professionals are particularly concerned with vulnerable children and families who, for example, deal with a disability, domestic violence, small (poor) housing, poverty, parents with an addiction or psychiatric problems. These children are in an unsafe home situation. Normally, schools, childcare facilities and sports clubs are ‘safe places’ for these children, where they can be a kid and where they are temporarily relieved from the tensions at home. Now that these places aren’t available to this vulnerable group of children, the situation is extra heavy. Moreover, schools, childcare facilities and youth clubs often also have a signalling function. As these places are currently closed, vulnerable children are more likely to go unnoticed by aid organizations.

Emergency childcare

Currently, about 80 vulnerable children who are in an insufficiently safe home situation are cared for at an emergency childcare facility during the day to relieve both the parents and children. The professionals had these children in their sights already. The daily emergency care for these children is arranged by the team that also coordinates the emergency childcare for vital and critical professions.

Everyone’s help needed

The corona situation makes life more difficult for everyone, including children. Professionals call on everyone to help each other to safeguard children now that schools, childcare facilities and youth clubs are unable to do so. Offer your neighbour or family a helping hand where possible or get help or advice from aid organizations if you think it is needed. 

Aid organizations offer preventative help

Local organizations provide preventative support to families who deal with tensions and escalations. They can be reached by phone during the day. These organizations also prepare information with tips for families who are faced with domestic problems as a result of the corona situation.