Teachers precents MBO1 certificate

An important part of the reintegration and re-socialization of detainees is education. Since the commissioning of JICN, there are good facilities to provide courses at MBO1 level.

Picture: The MBO teachers.

In the past year the first phase of the program ‘Ban pa Kambio‘ has begun in collaboration with Forma. For some detainees it took a while to get used to study every day. But on Thursday July 4th, they were able to receive their certificate.

The continuation of the study begins in August, resulting in the finalization of an MBO1 degree in construction, catering service or landscaping. Re-entering the society with the possibility to find work contributes to the reduction of recidivism (repeating criminal behavior). 

Wibo de Vries, director of the JICN: “These are the first solid steps towards a strong re-integration policy. ‘Ban pa Kambio’ is an important part of this. By offering study opportunities, we can give detainees a different prospect of their future.”