ILT's enforcement actions at BOPEC (update 3)

Based on BOPEC’s proposal of mid-2018, ILT has decided against imposing an order for administrative coercion (last onder bestuursdwang, hereinafter referred to as LOB) to empty the tanks and pipes. BOPEC had sufficiently reduced the risks and in ILT’s opinion the situation is currently acceptable.

Bopec Bonaire

Because BOPEC eliminated the main risks within several months with a limited investment budget, it was not necessary to impose the LOB. So BOPEC's fuel supply to the Bonaire power plant may continue for the time being. Due to the poor economic conditions in Venezuela and the sanctions against this country, few or no tankers are docking at BOPEC and only a few tanks are still in service. BOPEC can only start using the empty tanks after these have been completely restored. Improvement plans are in place for when an investment budget becomes available.