Expansion Liseo Boneriano completed

The construction project 'Expansion Liseo Boneriano' in the Bonairean district of Hato has been completed. The Scholengemeenschap Bonaire will start using the new building next school year.

The pupils of the Liseo Boneriano at their new school building.

In total, about 480 mavo, havo and vwo students will be educated at the Kaya Amsterdam. A pupil from the student council (vwo and havo) of Liseo Boneriano indicated to kindly welcome the mavo-students. The three levels of education will be able to undertake more jointly and will be able to influence each other in a good way. The motto 'Preparing students for success in a changing world' can be made even better with the new building. For example, by providing project-based education and holding presentations in the centre that has been built for this purpose (with a roof). The new building also includes an 'open learning centre' where pupils can quietly work at appropriate times.

Mr Reynolds (Nolly) Oleana, Head of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) at RCN, was enthusiastic after having viewed the building: 'A building in Caribbean colours with a fantastic appearance'. Commissioner Edsel Cecilia added: “I am very enthusiastic about the new school building. As board members, we hope that the students make good use of the school building and that it will be a place where knowledge will be acquired, where there will be cooperation and the future of tomorrow will inspire!”

The realisation of this building project is part of the educational housing plan for Bonaire. This plan is jointly financed by the Public Entity Bonaire and OCW. The design is by the architects combination Jacobs Architekten from Bonaire and Atelier PRO from the Netherlands. The extension of the Liseo Boneriano has been realised by the contractor VOF Haafkes in Bonaire. In the coming years, Rijksvastgoedbedrijf will renovate the Pelican School and the Kolegio Kristu Bon Wardador on behalf of the Public Entity Bonaire and OCW and will carry out construction projects for the vmbo, mbo and PrO sections of the Schools Community Bonaire at Kaya Frater Odulfinus.