Joint inspection at a resort on Bonaire

On Tuesday the 25th of October, a multidisciplinary inspection will take place at a resort on Bonaire. Under the direction of the Labour Inspection, the action will be carried out in cooperation with the Dutch Caribbean Police Force, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the Immigration and Naturalization Service CN, the Supervision and Enforcement Department of the Public Entity of Bonaire, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Judicial Institution Caribbean Netherlands. Through multidisciplinary cooperation, several laws can be checked at the same time, including at companies of larger size.

Vergrootglas inspectie

During this multidisciplinary operation, checks will include among others, compliance with several laws on labour and foreigners. These laws are designed to ensure that labour is done in a fair, safe and healthy manner.

For instance, the law sets limits on the number of working hours to ensure workers get sufficient rest. In addition, employers must comply with issues such as minimum wages, overtime rules and ensure safety in the workplace. They are also not allowed to employ workers from abroad without having a work permit. Through these laws, the labour market is protected and illegal labour, labour exploitation and unfair competition are combated.

To promote and monitor compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, the immigration chain is increasingly working together and carrying out joint inspections. During these inspections, inconvenience to the business and any customers/guests is minimised as far as possible. The current action is being led by the Labour Inspectorate of the RCN Social Affairs and Employment Unit.