Using fireworks safely

For many people it is something to look forward to: setting off fireworks on New Year's Eve. The thing is, setting off fireworks is never without risks. Unfortunately, every year people are hurt in accidents involving fireworks; not only among people using the fireworks but also among bystanders. Most accidents happen because fireworks are not set off properly. Young people often become victims of these accidents. Good preparation and a few simple measures are the key to preventing fireworks-related accidents.

Safe use of firework

“Are you handling fireworks safely?"

"Most accidents happen because fireworks are not set off properly."

"For example, don't light fireworks from your hand, but with a lighting fuse from the ground."

"Also be aware of bystanders, to prevent them from becoming victims"

"Fireworks left on the street can be dangerous for animals or children who pick them up. Therefore, clean up the fireworks when you are done setting off."

"This way, you start off the new year safely."

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