Prevent damage by flooding

Excessive rainfall can cause heavy flooding. Often, a lot of rain falls in a short period of time. To avoid damage and dangerous situations, it is wise to be well prepared for flooding. By taking a few simple measures, you can avoid most flooding and prevent damage by water in your home.

"Are you well prepared for a flooding?

"By making the right preparations, you can prevent a lot of damage."

"Therefore, close off openings such as doors and windows as much as possible.”

"It is wise to keep some sandbags in store for this."

"Seal drains with a towel or other wad, to stop them from flooding."

"By removing electrical appliances and sockets from the ground, you can prevent a short-circuit and fire."

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Flooding occurs? Safety first!

In the event of heavy rainfall, a room can quickly become overflooded. If you have to deal with flooding in your home, first make sure that everyone is safe. Think about pets, too.