Fire extinguishers at home

You can often extinguish an incipient fire at home yourself. This is only possible if you are well prepared and have the correct fire extinguishers (at home). It is also important to know what fire extinguisher you can or actually cannot use in certain situations. On this page you can find more information about various fire extinguishers at home and in what situations you can use them.

Fire at home? Safety first!

Whenever you extinguish a fire yourself, it is important to always take your own safety and the safety of other residents into account. Hence, only extinguish a fire yourself when you are certain that you can escape to safety. Doubts about this? Then do not run the risk. Escape outside and call the fire department.

"What do you do in case of a fire at your home?"

"You can often put out an incipient fire yourself,"

"But some fires, you cannot extinguish with water."

"With burning grease,..."

 or fires in electrical appliances, using water is even dangerous."

"Therefore, make sure you have a fire extinguisher or fire blanket in your home."

"This way you will be best prepared."

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Portable fire extinguishers

There are various types of fire extinguishers available for sale of which the content varies. There are fire extinguishers with foam, with extinguishing powder or with carbon dioxide. Depending on the type of fire, various types of fire extinguishers can be recommended.

Fire blankets

A fire blanket is a blanket made of fibreglass, impregnated wool or other incombustible material. They can be purchased at the DIY shop.


A garden hose can properly serve as a small fire extinguisher. There are also small hose reels available for residential dwellings that you can easily connect to the water mains. In this respect it is important that the reel or garden hose is long enough to reach all corners of the house. Water is the best extinguishing agent for fires of solid substances like wood, paper, textile, and cardboard. Never use water to extinguish burning oil or fat and fires of live electrical appliances!

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