With whom or what do young people and parents have to deal with in the event of a criminal offence?


The police arrests the young person and take him to the police station for questioning.


A lawyer represents a suspect during an interrogation and in court. Every young person has the right to a lawyer during questioning by the police. The police must arrange a lawyer for the young person.

Official report

The police report is an official police paper. It contains what the young person told the police about what he did. It also contains what witnesses and victims have said.

Council investigator

This is an employee of the Guardianship Council who receives the official report. The Council investigator then investigates the young person and the situation in the family. The Council investigator can visit the young person at the police station if the young person has to be detained for longer.

Public Prosecutor

The public prosecutor works for the Public Prosecution Service and can take a young person to court if he or she has done something that is not allowed. The prosecutor tells the judge what punishment the young person should receive.


The judge examines the case in a hearing and decides what to do with the young person. He is impartial.