Child Protection Board on working visit in the CN

At the invitation of the Guardianship Council Dutch Caribbean, the Child Protection Board (RvdK) is on working visit on Bonaire from November 18th  to November 22nd. The working visit will focus on the Youth Protection Training that starts next week, learning from each other and strengthening international cooperation

Council researchers from the Guardianship Council Caribbean Netherlands start Youth Protection Training.

The week starts with a visit to the Guardianship Council on Bonaire, where the final preperations of a Youth Protection Course takes place. Starting next week, Council researchers from the Guardianship Council Caribbean Netherlands on Bonaire, St.  Eustatius and Saba will be trained by trainers from the Child Protection Board from the Netherlands.

The training lasts one and a half year. After the first training week on Bonaire, the council researchers continue the training in an e-learning environment and receive remote supervision. The senior council researchers are conducting the "train the trainer program". With this they can play a role as a trainer in the region in the future.

Learn and connect

The continuation of the working visit is all about learning from each other. The program includes a visit to the new prison, Youth Care and Family Guardianship (JGCN), Stichting Reclassering Caribisch Nederland (SRCN), the court and the Security House, Krusada Foundation and the Project Foundation.

The Netherlands, the Caribbean Netherlands and the other islands can learn a lot from each other. For example, how do the islands deal with the deployment of specialist assistance and capacity? How do they tackle juvenile crime, domestic violence and child abuse on the islands and how do these problems differ from the European Netherlands? And what can the RvdK learn from the creativity in solutions and close chain cooperation that is necessary because of the small scale of the islands? The Guardianship Council Caribbean Netherlands and the RvdK attach great importance to cooperation with each other.