Who works on a council investigation?

The council investigator

This is an employee of the Guardianship Council CN who has conversations with the child, parents and other persons who know the child well. She wants to find out how the child is doing in his environment. Is the child safe? Is the child developing well? If not, the council investigator will consider what can be done about it. The council investigator gives her advice in a report, If it concerns problems at home, the council investigator can submit a request to the court for a child protection order. The job of the Guradian Council is to stand up for the child’s best interests.

The behavioural expert

This is an employee of the Guardianship Council who assists the council investigator. This employee looks at the behaviour of the child and parents and how they interact with each other. The behavioural expert also assists the council investigator with the interpretation of answers to investigation questions. Sometimes the behavioural expert asks the child or parents to take tests or complete assignments.

The legal expert

In sensitive cases where the legal procedure to be followed must be properly and professionally substantiated, the council investigator will call in the assistance of a legal expert. This person mainly looks at the law.