Temporary guardianship: child going abroad

If your minor child is going to the Netherlands, Aruba, St. Maarten or Curaçao then you must designate someone who will take over the responsibility, care and education of your child in the country of destination.

The parent(s) with parental authority must then file an application for temporary guardianship at least four months before the departure date with the Guardianship Council CN on the island where the child is registered. Below you can read exactly what happens when you apply for temporary guardianship.

Do this on time so that important matters, such as the registration of your child, can be arranged on time. If the applicant is someone other than the parent(s) with parental authority then the application can be made with an authorisation. You will find an authorisation form at the bottom of this page.

If a child is 17.6 months old on departure, you do not need to apply for temporary guardianship. An authorisation with which an adult can arrange affairs for the minor in the country of destination, is then sufficient.

How does an application for temporary guardianship proceed?