Complaints procedure

Do you have a complaint about a teacher or about the operations at a school? The first step is to discuss this with the person at the school who is directly involved.

If you and this person are unable to reach a resolution, you may contact the school management team or, if required, the school board. If this does not resolve the matter, you may file an official complaint with the Complaints Committee. A standard complaints form is available for this purpose. This form may be obtained from the schools or from RCN/OCW. Schools are obligated to provide information about the complaints procedure, for instance, via their school prospectus or website. Complaints can be submitted by students, parents/care takers and everyone who is part of a school organization, including volunteers.

Complaints Committee

The committee treats complaints confidentially and responds within four weeks. The school board may take measures based on the advice provided by the complaints committee. The complaints committee's advice is not binding. However, it might change the school's views on how to deal with matters. The complaints committee comprises one representative for each of the three islands within the Caribbean Netherlands.


For questions about the complaints procedure or the complaints committee, please contact the schools in the Caribbean Netherlands or RCN/OCW via e-mail: