This school year, 2019/2020, there shall not be a final test for the pupils in group 8 of the primary school.

As known, the Dutch government reached the decision to, in consultation with the educational partners, cancel the final test for group 8 of the primary school for the 2019/2020 school year. The latter on account of the fact that the entire world is being controlled by coronavirus and drastic measures must be taken to prevent the spread of the virus.


At the moment teachers, school principals and other employees in the education on Bonaire are working very hard with the emergency assistance.
Pupils who are now in group eight shall in August next continue to the secondary education according to the recommendation of their teacher and this is based on the underlying period. The teacher of these pupils has an extensive picture of how the pupil has developed and is also well aware of the interest and the potential of the pupil.

If a parent does, for any reason whatsoever, not agree with the recommendation of the primary school then the relevant teacher can be contacted freely for more information and an explanation.

In the secondary education the development of every pupil originating from the primary school shall be followed closely in order to check if the pupil is truly at the correct type of education that is in line with their capacities.