Tests and examinations in the MBO (senior secondary vocational education)

Examining is continued as much as possible for students who can obtain a diploma this study year. These students are given priority. The school determines how the examinations take place, in consideration of the guidelines of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). Think about oral examinations online, examining at the location of the work placement or at yet another location.


In the week of April 20 – 24 the examinees shall start the (preparations for) the examinations. All candidates shall receive information via their school email. In the month of May the practical examinations and generic examinations shall be taken.

Practical occupational training and work placements

The work placements (practical occupational training) in the BOL (vocational learning pathway) continue, unless official guidelines indicate otherwise (e.g. hospitality) or if the relevant work placement company discontinues the activities and/or can no longer supervise the student. The student is entitled to temporarily not follow a BOL work placement, if this results, in his or her opinion, in a too risky situation. However, the student shall always need to do this in consultation with the school. The school continues supervising (remotely) students who continue their work placement.

The school may also decide to in certain industries move the work placements of the last period of this school year to the first following study year, if it is not possible to offer work placement students a good work placement in the present situation.

Enrolments, intake interviews, the binding study recommendation and registrations

Everybody who wants to start an MBO (senior secondary vocational education) training after the summer should usually enrol at the latest before April 1 in order to be entitled to admission to the said training. This date of enrolment is, for the time being, postponed by one month, hence up to May 1. 

The enrolment can be submitted digitally via www.mbobonaire.com. After the enrolment an intake form is sent that must be filled in and returned digitally prior to the intake interview.

On May 9 MBO Bonaire organises an intake day. On this day the intake interviews shall be held live or online with teachers of the training.