Caribbean Science Institute

The knowledge centre Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute (CNSI) on St. Eustatius has the objective of conducting socially relevant scientific research, stimulating the local interest in science and assisting in knowledge building. The knowledge centre focuses on subjects related to the sustainability of small tropical island communities. Thus the CNSI contributes to the goals of the United Nations in the area of sustainable development (UN Sustainable Development Goals).

The CNSI regularly organises workshops, symposiums and educational activities for the local population. It facilitates scientific research conducted locally through the following facilities: a laboratory, accommodation for scientists, a presentation area and more. The scientific research is conducted in association with partners and stakeholders, e.g. universities and scientific institutions in the Caribbean, the Netherlands and beyond.

The CNSI is financed by the Ministry of OCW (Education, Culture & Science) and is implemented by the NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). It was established on the initiative of OCW and the Island Council of St. Eustatius. The CNSI officially opened its doors on April 24, 2014. 

The CNSI is supported by the NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research).
The NIOZ is part of the NWO

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