Teachers' Grant

Are you a qualified teacher and do you want to follow a bachelor’s or a master’s training? You may qualify for a Teacher’s Grant. You can pay the costs for your training with it. The Teacher’s Grant is also available to internal counsellors, care coordinators and remedial teachers.

You can apply for the teacher’s scholarship for:

  • a bachelor’s or master’s training
  • a post-initial master’s training
  • a pre-master’s or switching programme that precedes a university master’s training

Attention: You do not qualify for a teacher’s scholarship for a post-HBO (higher professional education) training.

Conditions for application for Teacher’s Grant

How to apply for the Teacher’s Grant?

If you live in the Caribbean Netherlands and you do not have a civil service number then you should apply for the digital form. To this end you can send an email to lerarenbeurs@duo.nl. In the subject line you mention ‘application form Teacher’s Gant’.